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Hello! My name is Wayne Burritt and I run Burritt Research. I help people with data analysis, financial analysis, or financial writing. Feel free to check out my data science and financial writing portfolios below. And if you’d like to talk, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



I’ve always been pretty good with numbers. My dad was an accountant and when I was a kid I had to keep track of the hours I worked in the garage. I entered my time in one of those old green 13 columnar pads. I think I was 10.

I guess I should say that was a drag, but it wasn’t. It was satisfying keeping track of what I did. Very satisfying.

After graduating from college, I helped a small ballet company with their books and budget forecasts. Both the books and the forecasts were done by hand – all you had were columnar pads and a 10 key. When you learn about numbers and modeling that way, you never forget.

Soon after I stared at my first version of VisiCalc and my whole world changed. I feel in love with computers and programming. So, it’s no wonder that I became pretty good at excel VBA and, most recently, python.

Since then, I’ve danced a lot … taught a lot of ballet … and enjoyed my finance related jobs: credit analyst, stockbroker, options trader, equity analyst, financial writer, and financial analyst. I’ve designed tools that help people understand financial data. I’ve also built websites and programmed in HTML/CSS. I’ve written a slew of investment newsletters. I started my own company just to house all this stuff.

My latest chapter has been data. During a recent stint as a financial analyst for a defense contractor, I learned to scrape a ton of unstructured financial and product reports, convert them to usable data, and then analyze the dickens out of them. I did a lot of database management, modeling, and reporting. But I was still in excel/VBA world. I wanted more.

So, when the pandemic hit, I skilled up with data science certifications from IBM, courses at Datacamp, and independent projects. And I love it. If my wife would let me, I’d code all day and night. Python is super cool. And the libraries that these people came up with are mind-blowing.

But I’m still new to data science. And I have a lot to learn. While I bring a lot to the table I need a company that wants to leverage my financial and writing skills immediately while helping me grow my data science and python skills.

If that’s you, don’t hesitate to reach out. I promise I’m worth the effort.


Python • Pandas • Numpy • Data Cleaning • Data Manipulation • Data Visualization • Machine Learning • SQL • Git/GitHub • Advanced Excel with VBA • IBM Cloud AI • IBM Cognos Analytics • HTML/CSS • Jupyter Notebooks • Financial Writing • Financial Analysis • Equity Analysis • Credit Analysis • Accounting • Deltek Costpoint

Data Science Portfolio

Project: Deciding on a New Restaurant for Johnson City, Tennessee

Project: Kaggle Competition Predict House Prices

Financial Writing Portfolio

Exploratory Data Analysis Report

A data science report that explains the business problem, data sources, methodology and results for a data science project. It is the same report as noted above.

Cryptocurrency Report

An investment report that talks in-depth about the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Financial Market Blog

A financial market blog that recommends five investments to own.

Investment Newsletter

An options investment newsletter that talks about the investment markets and makes options recommendations.

Equity Research Report

This is an equity research that describes the outlook for Alkame Water.