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Wayne Burritt

President, Senior Financial Writer and Analyst

Meet Wayne
  • "I've worked with many financial writers and I couldn't be more honest when I say that Wayne's a true pro. He meets deadlines without any nudging, his easy going personality makes him a pleasure to deal with, and -- best of all -- he fully cares about his subscribers."

    Joe SchrieferPublisher, Agora Financial
  • "Wayne's sharp yet accessible commentary has brought RealMoney's readers numerous solid investing ideas....And as an editor, I've enjoyed working with someone who cares so much about his readership."

    Gretchen LembachEditor,
  • "What really sets Wayne’s analysis apart is that he knows how to communicate his findings clearly and helpfully, with proper emphasis on the details that really matter. I’ll take one of Wayne’s reports over the mind-numbing data dumps that are all too common on Wall Street any day."

    Sean BrodrickEditor, Weiss Research
  • "Having known Wayne for many years now, I can easily say that he is among the elite financial writer/analyst talents out there."

    Darryl HallFounding Partner,
  • "Wayne is undoubtedly one of the top financial writers in the market today. His ability to analyze a variety of industries and markets, and to convey his findings in a clear, succinct and entertaining manner, is simply unsurpassed."

    Brien LundinEditor, Gold Newsletter
  • "Wayne is truly a gifted financial editor. He combines the skills of a top-rate seasoned financial analyst with those of a highly stylized and dynamic creative writer; a rare combination indeed."

    Jack CrooksPresident, Black Swan Capital
  • “Wayne is a dependable, talented, and valuable resource for the Weiss Group. His research skills are top-notch, and his writing style is colorful and accurate."

    Mike LarsonEditor, Weiss Ratings
  • "Wayne has been a pleasure to work with over the years. Not only is he consistently on time and on budget, but he takes great care to deliver quality analyses hitting every client need and request.”

    Lindsay BittingerDirector of Marketing,

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Solutions can run from help on discrete pieces – like financial content – to a complete turnkey package.