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Since 2004 we’ve created successful investment newsletters that delight and amaze across a broad range of asset classes, from stocks and ETFs to options and precious metals. Behind all our content is first rate financial research that is broad, deep, and convincing.

Our copy is clean, punchy, and conversational. When you read what we write, it’s as if we’re sitting across the kitchen table from you, building your trust word by word. So, when a pick doesn’t work out, you’ll hang in there with us, because we’ve proven we’ll always have your back. And that translates to better sales and renewal rates for you and a more satisfying experience for your subscribers.

It’s no wonder that our clients include some of the biggest players in financial publishing.

Jumping from paid newsletters to articles, ezines, and blogs is easy for us. Whether it’s an article or blog entry focused on a stock, ETF, or current event — or a daily ezine driving your email campaign — we make sure your financial content is clear and compelling with just the right amount of call to action.

We use the same clarity, tone and extensive research in our articles, ezines, and blogs as we do in our investment newsletters. We also know that building confidence and trust with your free readers is the best first step toward what we eventually want them to be: Paid subscribers.

Plus, each word we craft is driven by the latest content marketing and SEO best practices. So, our copy won’t just jump up and sizzle, it will be found.




Your financial website is your most important marketing asset. Really, it’s a marketplace where your visitor grants you a brief opportunity to delight, amaze, entertain, and convert them. And the key word here is brief: If your website, content, navigation, and sales assets aren’t just right, you’ll lose a potential subscriber annuity you won’t see again.

That’s where we come in. Since we began, we’ve helped financial publishers drive their websites’ popularity with financial content that makes even the most arcane financial products easy to read, interesting, and profitable. As the result, your visitors stick around the site, consumer your content, and become subscribers.

We can help your designers and developers come up with the right content placement and navigation schema. And we work with your marketers to deliver the ideal positioning for your sales and landing pages.

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In 2005, only 5% of Americans used social media. Now, 69% are logging in — a staggering 13 fold increase in just 12 years. That’s a tremendous stat, one that financial publishers ignore to their own peril.

Whether it’s a 280 character tweet or a post on your publication’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube page, we know what needs to happen in that limited visitor experience so that your account followers achieve the primary goal you set for them: Becoming paid subscribers.

We happily deliver all our financial content choices – including investment newsletters, articles, ezines, and blogs – under your brand without attribution. White labeling is often the perfect choice if your gurus and editors don’t want to write every word of a publication. Or their content just needs a little tweaking here and there.

We understand this need. And we also know it’s not simply producing content and then slapping on someone else’s byline. To be a successful ghostwriter, you need to create spellbinding copy infused with the unique persona of the guru or editor.

We can provide white labeled content along the entire content chain. From something as simply as receiving a symbol and an investment thesis to a fleshed out but unpolished article, we can help you fill in the blanks and make sure your subscribers and readers are captivated and eager for more.

Backing all our content is research that doesn’t stop at the obvious. We know that creating compelling copy needs more than that: It needs research that digs deeper for facts that support our arguments from a variety of angles. And often that just boils down to plain hard work.

We are experts at researching all available public sources, from SEC Edgar filings to corporate reports to a variety of news sources, including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance. We are equity research certified to use the Bloomberg Terminal.