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We basically do two things …

  • First, we create expert financial writing and research for financial publishing clients and …
  • Second, we publish Investor Insights for individual and professional investors.


If you’re a player in the financial publishing space, I invite you to learn more about our financial writing services. We are experts at investment newsletters, articles, ezines, blogs, websites, social media, and research. We can provide these for you under our brand or yours.

The best way to get a feel for what we do? Explore samples our financial writing work. You’ll find plentiful examples. Plus, take a look at our clients.

Details about me …

I’ve done stints as an …

  • Accountant
  • Senior Credit Analyst
  • Stock & Options Broker
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Asst. Portfolio Manager
  • Senior Financial Writer & Analyst
  • Editor

When I got into financial publishing, I spent the first couple of years ghostwriting for gurus and editors, including Larry Edelson, Martin Weiss, and others.

Eventually I became editor of …

  • Easy Money Options (Agora)
  • Income on Demand (Agora)
  • Martin’s Ultimate Portfolio (Weiss)
  • Stock Market Dogs & Darlings (Weiss)
  • Stock Options Alert (Weiss)

I’ve also been a contributor to …

  • Real Money
  • Sovereign Society
  • The Street
  • Wall Street Daily
  • All Business
  • NewsMax
  • INO.com

Of course, these lists aren’t exhaustive. So, feel free to peruse our financial writing samples and resume for more info.

Oh, and along the way, I earned a BA in English and Philosophy from Indiana University and an MBA from Golden Gate University.

If you have a project where we might be able to help, don’t hesitate to contact us or send us an email.


If you’re an individual or professional investor, we publish Investor Insights. You’ll get our latest take on the markets and investments that have us excited.

We don’t toe the party line. So, if you’re look for the same market commentary or investment ideas you can find anywhere on the internet, we’re not your guys.

But if you want a fresh take on where we future trends catalysts are headed – and the best way to take advantage of them – then make sure to give Investor Insights a gander.

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